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Public Attributes

sParamRenderD Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

double alfa
double auxLightDistributionRadius
double auxLightIntensity
double auxLightMaxDist
CVector3 auxLightPre1
double auxLightPre1intensity
CVector3 auxLightPre2
double auxLightPre2intensity
CVector3 auxLightPre3
double auxLightPre3intensity
CVector3 auxLightPre4
double auxLightPre4intensity
CVector3 auxLightRandomCenter
double auxLightVisibility
double beta
double DE_factor
double dist_thresh
double DOFFocus
double DOFRadius
double gamma
sImageAdjustments imageAdjustments
double mainLightAlfa
double mainLightBeta
double max_y
double min_y
double persp
double quality
double resolution
double smoothness
double stereoEyeDistance
double viewDistanceMax
double viewDistanceMin
double volumetricLightIntensity [5]
double volumetricLightQuality
CVector3 vp
double zoom

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file fractparams.h.

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