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Public Attributes

sParamRender Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

bool animMode
int auxLightNumber
sRGB auxLightPre1Colour
bool auxLightPre1Enabled
sRGB auxLightPre2Colour
bool auxLightPre2Enabled
sRGB auxLightPre3Colour
bool auxLightPre3Enabled
sRGB auxLightPre4Colour
bool auxLightPre4Enabled
int auxLightRandomSeed
sRGB background_color1
sRGB background_color2
sRGB background_color3
int coloring_seed
bool continueRecord
bool DOFEnabled
sParamRenderD doubles
sEffectColours effectColours
int endFrame
bool fastGlobalIllumination
char file_background [1000]
char file_destination [1000]
char file_envmap [1000]
char file_keyframes [1000]
char file_lightmap [1000]
char file_path [1000]
std::vector< enumFractalFormula > formulaSequence
sFractal fractal
int framesPerKeyframe
bool global_ilumination
int globalIlumQuality
std::vector< double > hybridPowerSequence
int image_height
int image_width
int imageFormat
sImageSwitches imageSwitches
sRGB palette [256]
bool penetratingLights
enumPerspectiveType perspectiveType
bool playMode
bool quiet
bool recordMode
int reflectionsMax
double settingsVersion
bool shadow
bool slowShading
bool SSAOEnabled
int SSAOQuality
int startFrame
bool stereoEnabled
bool textured_background
bool volumetricLightEnabled [5]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file fractparams.h.

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