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 * fractparams.h
 *  Created on: 2010-05-03
 *      Author: krzysztof


#include "fractal.h"
#include "texture.hpp"

00014 struct sParamRenderD
      CVector3 vp; //view point
      CVector3 auxLightPre1;
      CVector3 auxLightPre2;
      CVector3 auxLightPre3;
      CVector3 auxLightPre4;
      CVector3 auxLightRandomCenter;

      double zoom; //zoom
      double min_y; //range of depth;
      double max_y;
      double DE_factor; //factor for distance estimation steps
      double dist_thresh; //distance treshold
      double resolution; //resolution of image in fractal coordinates
      double persp; //perspective factor
      double quality; //DE threshold factor
      double smoothness;
      double alfa; //rotation of fractal
      double beta; //
      double gamma;
      double DOFFocus;
      double DOFRadius;
      double mainLightAlfa;
      double mainLightBeta;
      double auxLightIntensity;
      double auxLightMaxDist;
      double auxLightDistributionRadius;
      double auxLightVisibility;
      double auxLightPre1intensity;
      double auxLightPre2intensity;
      double auxLightPre3intensity;
      double auxLightPre4intensity;
      double stereoEyeDistance;
      double viewDistanceMin;
      double viewDistanceMax;
      double volumetricLightQuality;
      double volumetricLightIntensity[5];

      sImageAdjustments imageAdjustments;

00056 struct sParamRender
      sParamRenderD doubles;

      sFractal fractal;
      int image_width; //image width
      int image_height; //image height
      int globalIlumQuality; //ambient occlusion quality
      int reflectionsMax;
      int coloring_seed; //colouring random seed
      int auxLightRandomSeed;
      int auxLightNumber;
      int SSAOQuality;
      int startFrame;
      int endFrame;
      int framesPerKeyframe;
      int imageFormat;

      enumPerspectiveType perspectiveType;

      bool shadow; //enable shadows
      bool global_ilumination; //enable global ilumination
      bool fastGlobalIllumination; //enable fake global ilumination
      bool slowShading; //enable fake gradient calculation for shading
      bool textured_background; //enable testured background
      bool recordMode; //path recording mode
      bool continueRecord; //continue recording mode
      bool playMode; //play mode
      bool animMode; //animation mode
      bool SSAOEnabled;
      bool DOFEnabled;
      bool auxLightPre1Enabled;
      bool auxLightPre2Enabled;
      bool auxLightPre3Enabled;
      bool auxLightPre4Enabled;
      bool volumetricLightEnabled[5];
      bool penetratingLights;
      bool stereoEnabled;
      bool quiet;
      sImageSwitches imageSwitches;

      sRGB background_color1; //background colour
      sRGB background_color2;
      sRGB background_color3;
      sRGB auxLightPre1Colour;
      sRGB auxLightPre2Colour;
      sRGB auxLightPre3Colour;
      sRGB auxLightPre4Colour;
      sEffectColours effectColours;

      sRGB palette[256];

      char file_destination[1000];
      char file_envmap[1000];
      char file_background[1000];
      char file_lightmap[1000];
      char file_path[1000];
      char file_keyframes[1000];

      cTexture *backgroundTexture;
      cTexture *envmapTexture;
      cTexture *lightmapTexture;
      std::vector<enumFractalFormula> formulaSequence;
      std::vector<double> hybridPowerSequence;

      double settingsVersion;

#endif /* FRACTPARAMS_H_ */

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