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cImage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

sRGB16 CalculateAmbientPixel (sRGB16 ambient16, unsigned short colorIndex, sRGB16 oldPixel16)
void CalculateGammaTable (void)
sRGB16 CalculatePixel (sComplexImage &pixel, unsigned short &alpha, float &zBuf, unsigned short colorIndex, double fogVisBack, double fogVisFront)
void ChangeSize (int w, int h)
 cImage (int w, int h, bool low_mem=false)
void ClearImage (void)
void CompileImage (void)
unsigned char * ConvertTo8bit (void)
unsigned char * CreatePreview (double scale)
sEffectColoursGetEffectColours (void)
int GetHeight (void)
sRGB16GetImage16Ptr (void)
sImageAdjustmentsGetImageAdjustments (void)
sImageSwitchesGetImageSwitches (void)
sRGBGetPalettePtr ()
short int GetPixelAlpha (int x, int y)
sRGB16 GetPixelAmbient (int x, int y)
short int GetPixelColor (int x, int y)
sRGB16 GetPixelImage (int x, int y)
float GetPixelZBuffer (int x, int y)
int GetPreviewHeight (void)
unsigned char * GetPreviewPtr (void)
double GetPreviewScale ()
int GetPreviewWidth (void)
int GetUsedMB (void)
int GetWidth (void)
sRGB IndexToColour (int index)
bool IsLowMemMode (void)
bool IsPreview (void)
void PutPixelAlpha (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelAmbient (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelAuxLight (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelAuxSpecular (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelBackground (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelColor (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelGlow (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelImage (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelReflect (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelShading (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelShadow (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelSpecular (int x, int y, unsigned short pixel)
void PutPixelVolumetricFog (int x, int y, sRGB16 pixel)
void PutPixelZBuffer (int x, int y, float pixel)
void RedrawInWidget (GtkWidget *dareaWidget)
void SetImageAdjustments (sImageAdjustments adjustments)
void SetImageParameters (sImageAdjustments adjustments, sEffectColours effectColours, sImageSwitches switches)
void SetLowMem (bool low_mem)
void SetPalette (sRGB *palette)
void Squares (int y, int progressiveFactor)
void UpdatePreview (void)

Public Attributes

int progressiveFactor

Private Member Functions

void AllocMem (void)
sRGB16 Black16 (void)
sRGB8 Interpolation (float x, float y)

Private Attributes

sImageAdjustments adj
unsigned short * alpha
unsigned short * colorIndexBuf16
sEffectColours ecol
int * gammaTable
int height
bool lowMem
bool previewAllocated
int previewHeight
double previewScale
int previewWidth
sImageSwitches sw
int width
float * zBuffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file cimage.hpp.

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